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Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining

What is Genesis Mining?

Well, Genesis Mining is a cloud mining service for selected crypto-currencies like Bitcons, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Monero. It is founded by a group of progammers and engineers who are deeply dedicated to cryto-currencies. It started in year 2013.

There are several mining farms all over the world. But because they value and put high priority in customer protection and security, only those areas which are not sensitive are eligle for photo shooting.

The CEO is Marco Streng. He is a 27 year old mathematician and an early bitcoin investor. He is in the Forbes list and he sees a great future for bitcoin expanding.

The future of mining video by Marco Streng

CNBC interview with Genesis Mining's CEO Marco Streng

Right now the mining farm in Iceland shows a few photos on how the mining farms look like :

Genesis Mining Alexa Ranking as at 06th September 2017 : 3,557

As you see, this is a real deal and they have real physical bitcoin farming facilities in Iceland as compared to most online so called fake "mining farm" which is not trustworthy or ponzi scheme.

It is wise to have some bitcoin at hand, or at least a fraction of it. Bitcoin Mining is the best way, although slow, to grow your fortune in the long term. 

One Bitcoin was utterly worthless or $0.50 around end of 2014. The first bitcoin transaction was to buy a piece of pizza. So early investors still did not have confidence in it. They bought many bitcoins to keep since it's cheap and totally forgotten about it. 

But right now it's different, one bitcoin worth $2500 plus, as at 28th June 2017. So if you have many bitcoins at hand, you could be a millionaire by now!

In five years time, it is conservatively predicted to be at least $50,000 or even higher!

From this on 28th June 2017,

To this as at 17th December 2017

It never lies and that shows bitcoin value is growing fast through time as more and more countries believe in it. The good thing about bitcoin is that :

1) It's decentralised and no countries own it. 
2) There is no middleman like Paypal and etc
3) The amount is limited, only 21 million of bitcoin when fully mined by year 2040. So the value will go up evetually based on demand and supply. Unlike fiat currency, goverment can print the paper money.
4) Transaction is fast, it's peer to peer
5) You are your own bank. No one controls your money and wealth.

Although there are "dips" occasionally in the graph but that is the correction. It is in an upward trend generally.

If you cannot afford to buy a full bitcoin due to the surging price, you can always buy a portion of it and accumulate to a full bitcoin through times. It's never too late to start. Heard the old saying? "Better to be late than never!". Tell yourself now, enough is enough, if you want to have life change, take action now and don't procrastinate and be a fence sitter. Don't regret later and be a tyre kicker later because you never take action earlier!

Few ways to 'grow' bitcoins :

1) You can buy a few bitcoins to keep when the value still comparatively and relatively still low. When the bitcoin value grow after some time, you can sell it to make profit. However, the drawback is once you sell it, it's a one time gain and that's it.

2) If you are bold and daring enough (just like bungee jump), this is the fastest way to make a lot of money in the shortest possible time. It's through cryptocurrencies trading. However, the drawback is :
  • You need to have some knowledge of trading
  • Your chance of making profit is 50:50
  • You must able to stomach the loss if it goes south which is why you only invest the amount that you can afford to lose, don't be greedy.
3) Through crypto-currencies mining. This is the slowest and safest method to grow them for the long haul. Moreover, the best part is you don't have to do anything at all, just buy hash power and let it mined in the background daily and accumulate the small value. As bitcoin value grows through time, so does the mined bitcoin.

Of course you can buy your own equipments to mine bitcoin yourself. But, given the factors on comsumption of electricity, maintenance and logistic, plus the speed to mine bitcoins as it gets harder, it's not worth the effort and money in total. So it's better to let professionals to handle it

In Genesis Mining, you just need to buy hash power to mine crypto-currencies and 'sit back and relax' or focus on your stuff like daily errands, business, work and etc.

Although the bitcoin mining contract is open whereas the rest of the alt coins like Etherum is 2 years, the contract may terminated early, as stated in the term and conditions, depends on the fact whether they are profitable any longer. e.g the cost of electricity, maintenance is higher than the profit generated. 

Reason being it's harder to generate bitcoin through time as it become more popular and many people start to aware and share the same pie. However, due to scarcity, with bitcoin quantity halving around every four years, it takes higher hash power to generate a bitcoin, thereby the electricity cost goes higher and only those contract with higher hash power will still stay.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that you have to jump right in and start mining with higher hash power contract. You still can start small and grow the hash power along the way. Aferall, bitcoin mining is for long haul and only through time when bitcoin value grows, ur portfolio also grows.

One thing good about bitcoin mining is that, you don't have to lay a single finger to it, it's entirely market driven! You literally makes money while you sleep and eventually financially free. 

Besides you can totally forget about it and let it run in the background by itself and occasionally check on its update or your earnings. You don't have to minitor it 24X7 round the clock.

It's good for people who want to have a second multiple stream of income. It's suitable for people who are working on their day job, work from home who run some family errands, people having other business to promote and etc.

If you are interested to find out more, you can sign up free HERE.

If you decide to purchase a contract and decide to start mining, you can enter this 


to have a 3% discount.

Happy Mining!ority for us. We can only set up video cameras at locations t


  1. Thank you, Great Info, will check it out :-)

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  3. I would allways reccomend Genesis Mining, especially if you are new in the mining business. First of all they are legit mining company and their contracts are easy to understand. I have been mining in Genesis for quite some time now and I am more than satisfied with how things are going. It is true that they are very strict about any changes you want to do with your contract or account so you need to contact their customer service to make those changes. But that is ok by me, I somehow feel more secure when I see how they pay attention to security. I have a few contracts in Genesis MIning and they are all running and bring me paymants every day. So as far as I'm concearn, mining in Genesis is the best financial decision I have made.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, till date, it is still a honest and reliable cloud mining company with integrity. I'm very comfortable with it for sure.

  4. I would always invest with Genesis Mining. They showed openness and transparency in these crisis. That is something I value when it comes to my money and time invested. I have upgraded my contract and until now it turned out to be quite good move. The payments are regular and on time and their customer service is just great. I really hope the whole mining industry will be back on tracks soon. I will be mining with GM still, though.

    1. Even the bitcoin and the rest of alt coins value very low now, it will surge up soon. i still stick with GM no matter what, this is the confident that GM gives.

  5. Genesis Mining is a most safe company for cloud mining there is! That's why I would always invest with them! Yes, all coins are low now, but as you can see it will rise and all of the investment will pay off for sure!! Genesis Mining is the best!

    1. Thanks Lena for your comment. Have a great day! :)

  6. Somehow I am confident that this year will be big for cryptocurrency and BTC especially. I am actually considering bying more hash power in Genesis so I hope it will pay off soon. Asfar as Genesis MIning, I still fell they are the only legite company on mining market and my investmants are safe there. So I will se how will it be with more hash power.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Deja. Have a great day! :)