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It does not matter whether you are a dad, a mom or a retiree, the reason that you landed here is because you are a beginner or a newbie who simply want to have an overview and start to earn some honest money online.

With sheer hard work, perseverance, determination, patience and consistency, this path chosen is SURELY WORK as many people have done it before! You may not see the immediate result now as expected but the earning potential is great! It's like a snow ball, started small in the very beginning, rolling down from the hilltop! When it's at the foot of the hill, it's very HUGE!

As a stay at home dad, I'm here to share my frustration, desperation and disappointment experience when I searched for legitimate work from home job and I was scammed from the fake opportunities given in the internet. 

I wasted lots of subscriptions fee, effort and precious time and I still get nothing in the end, not even knowledge! How I wish at that time there was an article able to lead me to the entry point for genuine work from home jobs. 

After several months of hard work (I was never active in the internet at the very beginning though), I finally got to find out some legitimate work from home sites. So I decided to compile this blog to save newbies from the agony of searching through internet desperately like me in the beginning, who really wanted to work from home. I hope they don't have to build the wheel from scratch again when they read this article, for the very least of making some money to pay bills and rents. 

If you are expecting to work from home and get-rich-quick overnight, then I suggest you stop reading this blog further and leave this page. Stop wasting your time. Nothing is free in this world. No free lunch! No push of a button to get-rich-quick. I have no luxurious houses, planes, cars or expensive holidays to boast about. There are lots of scams out there online in the internet when one just type in ‘work from home’. This article is work from home for beginners. I have gathered a few legitimate sites (I may be wrong but at least they look legitimate to me though, take a look with your own reviews further). because I remember it was a tough time for me to do some research on legitimate ‘work from home’ site. 

By the way, if you do really need an immediate cash, I suggest you go to global job portal like Upwork or Fiverr where you stand a better chance of earning if you are selected by companies to do online tasks.

Alright, let's begin, as a checklist, if you belonged to either one or all of these points, then continue to read on:

01. You feel confused, fed up and frustrated about your current lifestyle.

02. You are exhausted of the 9-5 rat race.

03. Tired of present working environment.

04. Are you being laid off?

05. Sick of office politics.

06. Long term illness that requires you to stay at home.

To be able to work at home, there are loads of benefits, namely a few which is obvious:

01. No more formal clothing to go to work.

02. No more bosses or supervisors to breathe down your neck like a hawk for deadlines.

03. No more year end appraisal to let your supervisor judges your performance to decide on the bonus you'll be getting. (You report to no one except yourself!)

04. Flexibility in working hours.

05. Have more valued time with friends and family.

06. Have freedom to do things for your love ones in your life.

07. Still continue to earn a living while bypassing the 9-5 rat race. 

08. Work any time you like, no time constraint, anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection!

If you're venturing in this work at home job while still holding a day time job at the same time, then this work at home job will provide you extra income. Soon it will surpass your day time job salary and it's time to a call it a day.

If so, there are a few sites that I gathered, namely:-

1) Data-Entry-Team (aka Global Data Entry)

Remark: Before you read on for this companies, there are mixed reviews. Use your own judgement and do your homework, don't accept blindly. Some reviews say it's a scam and some say it's not. But for me it's not because I have been a member myself for a few years and I went through it's content and there are plenty of legitimate companies. It gives me a wide exposure and varieties of job types availability in work from home industry. If you are a newbie like me, then take it as you pay school fee for the knowledge crash course or eye-opener. 

By the way, you cannot pleased everyone and that's perfectly alright. If you don't make money yet and still think that it is a scam company, then skip it. 

There are few points mentioned in the web that blanket this company as a scam:

1) Multiple URL (Claimed to cover their tracks when the old company brand already been tarnished)

2) They charged a one time upfront fee of $49.95 (Their support told me it goes to the support maintenance, tools etc. of the site. The company cannot run for so many years cost free right?).

3) They may "pressurize" you to sign up as the fee has been $49.95 for years (Having said that, this may be a wrong sales tactics applied but may not deem them as scam correct?)

Once you’re in, the rest are FREE and no more hidden fee as promised by the site. The site will provide you with step-by-step guidance through each type of genuine work home jobs and show you tutorials. It has a great support too. 
Take it as an investment training for knowledge and a listing or avenues of legitimate jobs. It has abundance of information to work from home, e.g. tools, resources, access to free online programs etc. By starting from scratch as a newbie, you will earn back this small token of fee in no time when you start the ball rolling by working from home!

The best thing of it, this site has a bigger pool of INTERNATIONAL jobs catered for all countries and equal chance at earning the same amount of money.

This work from home company is Web Assured, Scam-X or Scam Free Verified and PayPal Verified. Do read through the term and conditions before you sign up.

There are tutorials to guide you through and there are several job types to cater for different needs. It’s worth the small token fee after acquiring ‘Work from Home’ knowledge.

Also, if you're a completely new to "Work from Home" concept, the training materials and tools will guide you through from the beginning.

2Wealthy Affiliate

Personally I feel that the package related to making money online by affiliate marketing. You need to have some ideas on what 'Work from Home - affiliate marketing' is. If you are into affiliate marketing as a start, then this is the right track for you to make money online. The community is very warm and helpful. They will introduce you to what 'affiliate marketing' is and tutorials to guide you through. If you would like to have more information, you can take up the premium package though. The premium package comprises more information such as 1-1 support, tools, systems, etc.! You need to pay $47 monthly, but if you sign up within seven days as a starter, you will only need to pay $19 for the first month.  Having said that, you can sign up as a FREE member starter first and gauge for yourself, if the information given to you is not overwhelming and if you need more, you can take up the premium package then. If you're interested to find out more, you can read my short review about Wealthy Affiliate Here.

There are a few more useful sites which worth mention. However, as a beginner in work from home, to avoid information overwhelmed, I believe the above three mentioned sites are good enough to begin with.

Do TAKE ACTION now instead of just reading.  Tell yourself, you can make it, just a matter of time and your dream will come true when right effort is put in!

3) Work At Home No Scams

This was my first site that I stumbled upon after I went through a few scams. It is a legitimate site for those aspiring ‘Work from Home’ to-be and the author updated the site frequently. This site is very informative. It gives you valuable advice and directs you to various legitimate work-from-home sites. There are many job types and legitimate companies for you to apply. However, the jobs for international worker like me is limited, it’s mainly catered for U.S. residents.

If you happened to set up a blog site as an alternative to make money online, I suggest you get a domain to mask off the free blogs available online and look more “professional”.

Free blog site providers, e.g. blogger, and etc, come with long extension like or, etc. Some people may live with it but some may mask it off by buying 3rd party domain so that they looked more “Professional” like

There are several domain providers like "GoDaddy", "HostGater", "BlueHost", "iPage", "Namecheap" and etc.

As for me, I recommend “Namecheap” as it's  was relatively one of the cheapest around.

For example I only pay $8.88 yearly back then for this domain “”. 

You may want to visit Here and compare the price around with other domain providers for the same domain name you selected.

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