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Some Motivational Quotes / Pictures that push you forward!

That day I was watching a video and one quote that catches my attention was "Believe in Yourself! Don't Give Up!"

Why does it catch my attention? It's because the first step in success starts with believing in yourself, so don't quit. Also, if you don't believe in yourself, why should others believe in you?

There are many ways to advice you on how to believe in yourself but ultimately it's you who decide to take the first step in making it happen.

Here are several essential ways of believing in yourself:

1) Stop doubting about yourself

From young, we were told by our parents and surrounding friends to do what is right and follow the 'norm', so once you have an idea of choosing to walk a path of less travelled route, you are wondering whether you have made the correct decision. Just imagine, if Thomas Edison never bold enough to take the first move to invent the light bulb, do we enjoy electrical appliances. gadgets and etc today? If the Wright Brothers never test out their first flight, do you think we have aeroplanes soaring in the skies nowadays?

Everybody has a 'gem' inside you that you're good at, waiting for you to explore it. All you need to do is to boldly take the first step in discovering it. So stop being affected by people around you that you're no good at this or that.

2) Stop negative thinking

It is yourself to be blamed for being unsuccessful. Why do I say that? It's because it's a human tendency that you constantly seek 'concurrence' and 'approval' from people around you from time to time. Once you do something out of the 'norm' for example, try to earn money online at the comfort of your home instead of the usual 9-5 day jobs, most friends or naysayers will say it's a scam and discourage you from doing it, especially when you fail initially. If you have a weak determination of getting success, you'll tend to give up easily after several tries.

In order to salvage the situation, try to surround yourself with positive thinking people so you'll get to be motivated constantly. The positive energy also helps you to fight against the negative thoughts in you that hold you back from success.

3) Learn from failure

quote-michael-jordon2small_300You have to fail many times to become successful. This is true. From each failure, you learn from the mistake you've made and try again. Many inventors and successful people fail in their many attempts, but they never give up just because of a simple faith in them to become successful. They believe in themselves. Same thing goes to Michael Jordan. A professional basketball player who failed more than 9000 shots in his career but who gain the last laugh after repeated trying? Success don't come over night. I agree and one need to persevere. Try, try, try again until you become successful! So don't give up easily!

4) Be focus

Don't hop around for a shiny object! That's the mistake made for many new marketers out there, thinking the more the merrier of having different passive income source. I fell for the same trap initially too! I started off with five product within months, but I noticed that I simply couldn't multi-focus (take note: one can multi-task, but rarely one can multi-focus at the same time!). Imagine how can you focus the centres of two different dart boards at the same time? Unless you are a superhuman being ;)

However, if you really want to do two or more things progressively, why don't you do one good one first and move on to the next? How's that sound?

5) Stop procrastinating

procrastinatingpanda_300Many new marketers keep delaying their success due to the 'fear of failure' factor, which is why they keep procrastinating and wait for the 'right time' to come.  In fact, there is no 'right time'. If you never try, you will forever at where you are. Imagine a train will always remain in the same station if it never moves, so take action!

So, don't just sit there and read, TAKE ACTION!

6) Get out of Comfort Zone!

If you want to be successful, get out from your comfort zone. Take the leap of faith! PUSH-ON and you will reach your goal eventually and never give up, no matter how tired you are!

7) Success is not a straight path!

Most people think that success is an easy and straight forward path. They only see the starting point and ending part As long as one contributed their part and they will be rewarded in an instant gratification way. Yes it may sounds true for a 9-5 salaried worker in a conventional world. However, as an entrepreneur who hustle for success, it takes patience as long you put in effort consistently. You will face with many failures, roadblocks along the way before you  reach your goal ultimately. So don't ever give up, every successful people goes through the same path!

8) Whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward!

It says it all! No matter what you do, just don't give up! Push on! It may not shows result now but not in the future, It will not be thunderstorm forever! You will definitely see rainbow and sunshine one day!

9) Don't Give Up!

Life is full of Ups and Downs like a roller coaster. It will not be blissful everyday. You've tried many times but never succeed and you're very tired. Just keep pushing on and you will be there!

10) Greatest barrier to success is fear of failure!

When come to success, everyone wants a share of the pie. Everyone wants to be successful. But when it comes to taking action, most of them chicken out. Excuses and procrastination will come into the picture for delaying it. Talk is cheap. No action. Why? because it's human nature  fear of failure. You afraid of these and that. You afraid of what you've got so far and would not dare to start from scratch. You afraid of losing your status, afraid of losing you relationship, etc. But once you push through and look back,  this fear is self-built and you'll be glad to take action or else you will stay at the same place and start regretting at 80 year old and say : "If only if I started earlier by overcoming of the fear of failure..."

11) Be Patience!
Success takes time. PATIENCE and taking actions consistently are the keys to success. Even if you start to grow an apple tree from a seed, it takes time to grow before you finally get the taste of the apple right? so what makes you think you will be become successful overnight? If that is the case, there wont be poor people on the streets and everyone will become a millionaire. There is no free lunch in this world and there is DEFINITELY NO GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME! Don't fall for it. You reap what you sow. Even ROME wasn't built in a day! So be real!

12) Get Out from your Comfort Zone!
If you want to be successful in life, you must firstly get out from your comfort zone and dare to take risk instead of living in the small cocoon! Some times you just need to have some guts to leap of faith. Then you have to take action because a dream is still a dream if no action taken. There will be multiple failures along the way but as long as you push on and be patience and persevere, you will eventually reach you goal!

13) Failure to Success!

We bound to fall down many times and made many mistakes along the way, but they are all the necessary route that each and every successful people have gone through. Only through these, we learn, grow and be stronger each time. As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the TOUGH GETS GOING!

14) Hang in there!

Success is a long road. It is a tough road. Nobody says it's easy. If yes, majority of people on the streets will be rich! People who have no patience and expect to see immediate results fast will be disappointed and eventually given up along the way. As the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!" So push on! Hang in there and don't ever give up! Success is round the corner if you take action consistently!

15) Surround yourself with POSITIVE people!

Have you experienced right from the day when you decided to walk in the uncharted path to be successful, people around you, especially the close friends or family members will start to talk you down and discourage you? They will try all sorts of way to hold you back, example like "I was scammed before, trust me not to follow my foot step, it's better to be safe than sorry!" etc, etc. Unknowingly, they are slowly injecting "Toxic" into your mindset. Sound familiar? They are so called the naysayers or haters around you.
So if you were to be influenced by them, eventually your goal to be successful will be destroyed. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and decouple yourself from these bad influences and rather surround yourself with positive people! They will motivate you to push harder instead of giving up for sure! If they can do it, you definite can too! It's just a matter of time if you take positive action!

16) Keep Trying!

Success is a path that never going to be easy. It's a long, winding and difficult road. You will definitely hit many road bumps along the way. People with faint heart and weak determination will give up easily for sure. You will sometimes ask yourself whether all these effort that you put in is it worth as there will be no result and you feel frustrated at times. You will fail, get up and try again. You will fail yourself towards success. Just don't give up!

17) Keep Pushing!

The journey towards success is long and hard. You are tired and exhausted. You feel like giving up since there is no result. Naysayers and haters around you are constantly talking you down and discourage you. No matter what, you have to believe in yourself because no one does except you. Try to mix with friends who are like-minded like you to lighten up your suffering along the way. They may share with you the tips and experience which bring you to the correct path.

18) Never Give Up!

You spent long and tried many time but yet you still failed. Friends and relatives, naysayers and haters around you tried to talk you down. You begin to wonder the effort you put in all this while whether is it worth at all and you feel like giving up. Sounds familiar? You are not alone. Every success path has to go through failure stage. Only those who has persistence will reach their goal eventually! So never give up! If you give up and you will never get up!

19) Mission Impossible Spells Mission "I m POSSIBLE"!

When going gets tough, the tough gets going!

When things become difficult and looks like it's impossible, try to think out of the box instead of giving up! Keep trying new ideas! after all, impossible spells "I M POSSIBLE"!

20) Hang in there, don't give up!

Hang in there, push on and don't ever give up!

Tell yourself, if you want to give up, then why were you in there in the first place?

If you give up, then you will never get up and regret the whole life.

You will continue to hold on until the last breath! Keep trying!

21) Be Patience!

You Have put in effort for quite a while but still no result, isn't it? Feel disappointed and want to give up?

Don't despair, every success has to go through this stage. Just be patience and push on! The dark cloud and thunderstorm will be over and come with rainbow, Shiny and bright!

22) Just be yourself !

The road to success is very lonely, not many people wants you to be successful eventually and wants you to fail because they fail to do it and wants you to fail too so they will not look bad out of selfishness.
So, just be yourself no matter what. There bound to be haters and naysayers around to talk you down, but who cares if you strongly believe in yourself right?

23) Help Yourself!

A dream will always be dream if no action is taken. You will not see anyone to fulfill you dream except yourself. You are responsible for every action you have taken. so if you give up easily when the going gets tough and not able to reach your goal, you are all to be blamed and not others. So take massive action right now! Don't procrastinate!

24) Take the very FIRST step!

A dream/Goal will always be a dream/Goal in your mind if no action is taken. Also, the journey to success can be very long and you  don't have to see the end before you get started. Don't get discourage. All you need to do is taking the very FIRST step!

25) Stop pleasing everyone!

You only live once. you need to be selfish at times for doing your own stuff. Those who appreciate you will follow you eventually and support your ideas, whereas those who take you for granted, no matter what you do in order to please them, they will never appreciate it, These range from your parents, friends and families, colleague, etc.

Some will leave you alone when there is no more benefit but some will try all ways, e.g. , say something toxic and nasty languages to hold you back for achieving your dreams. We need to disconnect from these people in order to move forward...


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