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How to never give up!


In this picture, it may seemed to be straight forward how not to give up easily, but when you apply them, it will be of a different angle of aspect. Below are the points from the pictures for your reference.

1. Stay alive - It's never too late to start. You need to be healthy and stay alive to smell your success eventually! But before that, you need to have an able body to strive, take action and willing to put in effort to hustle!

Also, you need to have the frog attitude! :)

2. Lower your expectation - A lot of people fail is because they set an unrealistic and unreachable goal for themselves. Once that goal cannot be achieved, they lose hope and disheartened, and quit eventually. You need to set a goal which is realistic and achievable. Once it is achieved, you will feel more confident enough and your moral will boost up naturally. You will then ready to take the next challenge ahead!

3. Stronger  - You are definitely become much stronger than what you think. Things that you thought that cannot be done by you initially is accomplished! Remember, mind over body! If you are willing to take the first move, you surely can!

4. Persist - In the journey towards success, you bound to have many obstacles and hindrance that cause you to fail many times. Do not give up and push on!

Do not listen to the haters and naysayers along the way. All these negative forces, such as discouragement from friends and family members, doubtfulness of your ability and choices made, procrastination of taking immediate income producing action,and so on are toxic to your mindset of progress.

You need to push through all of these and stay persist to make success happen! Remember to stay PPC! Patience, Perseverance and Consistency!

Just a side note, people from the outside world who has not gone through the path of struggling may think that the route to success is a straight line but in actual fact, it's complicated and twirl around like spaghetti like this picture below!

5. Fake it - Every individual has a different speed in achieving their financial goal. Some will be faster and some will be slower but eventually all will reach their goal towards success if actions are taken.
However for the relatively slower ones, we may need to fake our success in order to continue to motivate ourselves at times because it's a human tendency to compare and feel discouraged some time, which I'm going to mention in my next point.

6. Don't compare - People like to compare and we can't deny about it. Put two candidates who joined an income producing product at the same time, it's undeniable that one will reach his or her goal faster than the other. So be-careful, don't compare as everyone has his/her own story and pace of progression. This will cause the slower one to hold back for his/her success further or, worst case, give up totally if comparison is made! So don't compare, everybody's progress and life is different.

7. The dip - This is the most critical part. Before every success story, every individual is very tired and drained. They wouldn't aware that success is just round the corner. With just one last push, success will be there you may think!

However, majority chose to give up because for whatever reasons, after this period of hard work they put in all the while and see no result, they rather quit! so it's 50:50 chances. It's either you push on or turn back. Put it this way, if you choose to quit, why were you in it in the first place? Also, if u choose to quit, you will regret for life and what have you got to gain?


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