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My Journey with My Lead Gen Secret


My Journey With My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS):

I don't review like what normal bloggers do, who mostly just skimmed through on the surface and land a verdict and promote their own stuff in the end.

I'm a pioneer, old MLGS member lamenting my journey with the program and the decision is yours to make.

I would rather keep neutral than giving my personal opinion.

I started "My Lead Gen Secret" ( MLGS ) journey on May 15th 2019 when it just launched.

I was very skeptical at first because I'm not an advocate of buying leads, especially they are cheap because I was scammed before. (Once bitten twice shy).

Most of the leads that can be offered cheap are usually generated by bots and they are not real.

Real human leads are hard to come by and they usually are very expensive.

But somehow I was attracted to it because it claims real human leads which only cost $1 per 100 leads daily.

I was having a 'Luke-Warm' attitude for a long period be honest. 

Deep down I was thinking, even if I've gotten scammed, it's only a $30 monthly thing. But if this $30 can help me to do wonders and change my life for the better, why not?

I took the leap of faith and joined the program after some time.

For the first few days I expect it to produce result immediately (The usual 'Get-Rich-Quick' attitude) and I wasn't send out email consistently.

I only sent out emails 'as and when' I felt like it and if I remembered the program existence :p

I never take it serious frankly as I was multi-tasked.

I just let it 'cruise along' and occasionally log back in to the dashboard to check and hoping for any increment and miracle will happen but NONE as usual. I felt like terminating the program and stopped paying for that recursive $30 monthly but I kept procrastinating it.


Somehow in November 2021 I happened to chance upon '' for global ranking.

To my shock, MLGS was ranked 400,000+ in 2019 but it was ranked 19,607 (The smaller the figure, the better) as at Nov 19 2021!

This was entirely a surprise to me!

Of course you can promote whatever program you are involved in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tock and etc. 

But with the growing restrictions, it is ineffective nowadays. 

These platforms are getting more and more stringent with restriction to avoid spamming since many marketers are promoting the same ads, 

I choose email marketing and focus on one avenue this time.

Email Marketing (Other than YouTube, Blogging) is one of the fastest way (relative faster) to reach your audience directly and get respond fast (provided it's human leads or ready traffic, not bots generated.)

YouTube is a good way to promote your products. 

The best way is providing review.

However, if you're not camera shy like me, then YouTube will definitely be a better hit.

I started to send out email consistently and getting serious into it. 

But I'm not a lucky person (some lucky member got hit within days), but in several weeks I have someone joined me when I least expected.

As time go by, the frequencies of getting hit become higher and the date gap become smaller.
Soon, the rest are history...

The geese of it, email consistently or daily. Don't break the momentum, you will never know when you get hit...

How Much Do You Need To Pay Monthly And How It Works?

You pay only $30 monthly. Only first month there is an additional $30 for the set-up for the internal mailer that only send out email you have every 24 hours to avoid spamming.

So in a nutshell, only first month one time ($30 + $30), subsequent months is $30 monthly.

It's 100 unique leads daily for $1. But if you promote MLGS and have downline eventually, it's 200 leads for $1 daily. 

So you would have 6,000 real unique human leads monthly.

What Are The Quality Of "My Lead Gen Secret" Leads?

In short, they are 


These leads are having real contactable email address that you can contact them and get response, not bots.


These leads are people interested in making money online and they are collected daily from 10 reputable partners in the online industry.


You will get 100 high quality leads (not junk) for $1 daily. 

The reason why it’s cheap is because of cost ‘splitting’ which mean you can reuse the leads over and over again in the future! 

Moreover, the leads are totally yours and you can download them daily for future promotion.


Among the human leads, they are mostly from USA (95%), CANADA, AUSTRALIA, BRITAIN and etc. 

They are from countries which are credit card ready and make online purchase easy which lead to higher chance of conversion rate and click through rate (CTR)


These leads are collected from internet marketers and work from home people who constantly seeking for money making opportunity online.


As time grows, your list of leads grows bigger too. 

But you still able to send out unlimited emails daily where 3rd party autoresponder like Aweber, GetResponse and etc. will increase their price plans and change to expensive plans when your leads grow.


Since these leads are collected willingly, they are ready at all time to view new offers which can make-money-online.


You don't need to have a business product to promote if you don't have one in the meantime because MLGS is self sufficient. 

It has 5 levels, namely: level 1 is $5, level 2: is $4, level 3 is $3, level 4 is $2 and level 5 is $1.

So in total you earn $15 max. per referral if anyone join you when you promote MLGS.


MLGS pays by Check, PayPal or Bitcoin. 

Usually when PayPal is involved in the payment system, you can tell the reliability of MLGS because they normally will do a more thorough checks before it participates.


When you sent a support ticket, the support staff response is very fast and friendly, whom you encountered and seldom come by in other programs you joined.


#1. Be Patience, Persistence and Consistent

Gone are the days if you are looking for 'Get-Rich-Quick' program. Then you can stop reading. as MLGS is definitely NOT a 'Get-Rich-Quick' program but a relatively a faster and a sure way program  as compared to others.

Honestly, put on your thinking hat, regardless of what type of programs you are involved in, you still need to hustle for a period of time before you see tremendous results since more and more marketers globally are jumping into the online world to make money online.

The competition is steep for sure. 

Having said that, it doesn't mean there is no hope.

You need to be unique, patience, persistence and consistence to stand out among the crowd in order to win and achieve your goal.

Always remember, what you do, someone at the other side of the world can do better and outrun you.

What most people don't have are patience and consistence.

If you want it bad enough, you will go for it no matter what. 



 #2. 'My Lead Gen Secret' Is Versatile

#A. Since these are human leads and not bots generated, you can promote MLGS alone if you don't have a business program to promote.

I suggest to keep it as a form of side hustle program to earn 'token money' as the amount is not much initially.

You still need time to build up.

Once your 'token money' income surpass your daily income, you may consider to replace your day job for good if you hate it and want to get out from the meaningless rate race.


#B. You may consider this time to accumulate your human leads from MLGS. Once you have enough 'firepower', you can use those leads to promote high ticket items or programs in Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior+ and etc. 

Since these leads are 'can-spam' compliant, you can download these leads and send them out multiple times daily without getting complaint.

Besides, we have 'leads swaps' weekly (only eligible in closed Facebook group).

For example, if you have 1,000 leads and after leads swaps, you would have 2,000 leads to meddle with. 


#C. If you join under me, do notify me to invite you into MLGS's close Facebook group where members and gurus there share their tips and methods of making money fast  daily.  


#3. Self Branding

let's be honest, regardless of what type of programs you are promoting, the audience don't even know you for sure initially. Why should they buy from you?

If some marketer who post similar ads as you consistently and long enough, who has a better chance? Who will get a better hit rate?

If I were you, I'll go for the one who has a longer history of posting because he is serious of achieving his goal. Indirectly, you are gaining 'Trust' gradually from the audience because most promoter would have given up when they see no result within a short span of time.

And don't forget, these leads, although they are human traffic, but they still belong to cold traffic. Your job is to 'warm' them up so whatever products you products you promote in future will have a higher chance of getting hit.


#4. It has its own mailer which has no restriction in leads' amounts

MLGS not only sell leads but also has its own mailer which will sends out your leads every 24 hours and also regardless to the amount of leads you have.

Most lead sellers just sell leads only. If you need to send them out, you need your own autoresponder to do so and they will charge according to your amount you have.

#5. Email Marketing is one of the fastest way of promoting products

Email Marketing is one of the fastest way (provided it's human traffic) beside Social Media (Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and etc.) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

You go direct to the audience instead of beating around the bush.

Besides, most of the product email swipes already pre-written by the product owner and all you need to do is copy and paste to your MLGS mailer.

You just need to mail the product email consistently and wait for results that's all.

Having mentioned above, if you decided to join me, you can click on my below affiliate link light blue in color and at no extra cost or to check it out yourself. 

Once you joined, don't forget to contact me for inviting you into the MLGS Facebook's closed group.

I only earn a small token from it. 

If the program doesn't suit you, you can stop payment and subscription anytime. 

The support staff will response very fast with no question asked.


By the way, these facts are purely my own opinion, it does not represent to the rest of marketers who are using leads. :)

These are the thoughts that come right into my mind about MLGS. I will update it along the way in future.

However, do contact me or comment if you have any question about MLGS. I will try my best to answer them. 

Do remember, I'm not a MLGS spoke person. I'm just a ordinary member like you (if you joined under me) except earlier that's all.

To your success. 

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