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These are the popular products that last for a year or more that I recommend. If they are not useful, they won't stand through the test of time correct?

But again, having said that, although I have done the the first level of sweep to narrow down the niche products that stand through the test of time, you still need to do some minor review on your own. 

Whether it really suits you or not, or is it effective, or the company no longer promote the product anymore that you bought, will you able to handle it or call it a scam?

But one product that I strongly recommending is "Clickfunnels' because it really shorten the time and effort and help you to reach and achieve your success fast. 

Unlike me, I went through 'School Of Hard Knocks' everywhere. 

In the early days, about 20-30 years ago, you can simply and easily post an affiliate link of the product, there is a higher chance for you to make sales where internet is not so popular and advanced.

However, as time goes, more people jump into the online bandwagon to make money so it has become more competition. 

The true fact is, it is much more difficult to make money online nowadays. 

You need to think of a better strategy to 'Outwit' your competitors in order to make money. 

Old methods used by simply putting a link to attract cold traffic doesn't work anymore.

That is why you need a sales funnel which goes through a series of processes to 'attract' potential buyers and eventually convert them into sales.

That is why 'Clickfunnels' is so useful, popular and handy because it has pre-created many sales funnel processes and make your life easier.

Most difficult part of sales already done for you, so to speak.

Regardless what type of business you are in, whether 'brick and mortar' or online business, you are covered and make sales easily.

Do spend some time to watch these two videos and decide if you are serious to achieve your dream goal, 

the URLs are:

1) Video 1 :

2) Video 2 :

This is the screen captured of my YouTube channel on the products I recommend : 

Do select on the product videos you like to watch. If you like the video, you can click on the link inside and it will bring you directly to the product page and make your decision to purchase or not.

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