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No money to pay for your investment?


I have come across many times that potential leads who are interested to join the program after they are convinced, but they claimed they either they don't have no money to join or spare cash to sustain the monthly recursive subscription payment.

You can say that "When there is a will, there is a way" but reality bites.

Sometimes you need to empathize this type of category people, they really want to make a change for their lifestyles but they have no initial cash to start with.

But again, as a marketer, we value our time too! We are not in a charitable organisation, we need to make a living too, as such, this group of people are not being favored naturally.

However, among this group of people, some are serious action taker but we wouldn't know initially. Only time will tell and all we need is to give them a little direction to start with.

From my experience as an affiliate marketer,

1) You can go to to be an affiliate marketer to start off with. The website portal is totally free to join.

Once you log in, there will be instructions to guide you through. There is a list of companies in the marketplace for you to choose. What you need to do is choose a product or several products and market them on behalf of the company you chose.

When you made a sale, u earn a commission of it.

2) Besides Clickbank (CB), you can join Amazon as an associate. Many people have done it. You can choose a few niche products to promote, you do the selling and leave the shipment and support to them.

3) Alternatively, find a temporary day job or online job portals like "Upwork", "Fiverr" or "Freelancer" just to have a temporary regular income source to fund your monthly bills and daily expenditures. Do bear in mind, these jobs are basically trade your precious time for money.

At the same time, try to set aside an amount enough for your online product investment.

Don't expect quick cash though, it may take weeks or months for the money to grow, but it will definitely be there.

It is just a matter of time if you willing to treat it seriously and consistently to do what you are doing.

Once your online income, e.g. network marketing product surpass your day job monthly income, you may consider quitting the day job and focusing on growing your online business.

Enough said, if you are willing to take action and get out of this cocoon of your present lifestyle to be financially free, there is always a way.

All the best!

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