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Reap what you sow


In the law of gravity, which is obvious, what goes up must come down. However, for cause and effect of you life, it may not be so obvious and it takes time, what goes around will come around. 

Sowing and reaping is such. Successful farmers know that they can't harvest without planting a seed and it takes time. Same thing applies to making money online. If you never take action for the first move by signing up a product, you will always be sitting on the fence and nothing happen. It will always stay as a dream and no miracle will happen for sure. A dream is always a dream if no action is taken.

When the farmers plant the seed, they don't expect the seed to grow into a tree overnight! Instead, they nurture the seed by watering it daily. The same analogy goes to any business online, if you decided to be successful. You learn to market yourself and start to build up relationship with people. You don't expect to get any result overnight.

Besides the daily routine, the farmers will wait patiently and work constantly in taking good care of the plant growing into a healthy tree by catching worms and applying fertilizers. In business online, e.g. affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc, it's equivalent to working CONSISTENTLY and DAILY in income producing activities such as relationship building with people, marketing and etc.

When finally the plant grows into a healthy tree that bears fruits, the farmers taste the sweetness of the fruits. The same goes to e.g. network marketing, money start to roll in passively when you become successful. There is no shortcut to get rich quick, every newbie has to go through the same route if you decided to change your life for the good. See the below picture.



Another example, Fraser Macdonald was just merely a 23 year old kid when he joined a network marketing company called "Internet Lifestyle Network" (ILN) in year 2014 as a newbie. But he put in a lot of effort and worked very hard for the first few month and the result shows! 70k+ in May and 100k+ in September! No B.S stuff and it's proven way and it works! Anyone can do it as long as he or she is willing to put in the effort! No rocket science here!

The second point about reaping is that you harvest what you planted initially. You don't expect to see apples on the tree when you planted orange seeds, do you? There is no way to see positive output with negative input. Basically how much effort you've put in initially is how much you get in return. If you choose to take no action, then don't expect any result. PERIOD.

Lastly, all you need is to sow hard initially, then there will be many more years of reaping. If farmers choose to sow the apple seeds and when fruits are fully grown on the tree, there are many more years to reap the fruits! The same thing goes to online business, all you need is to choose a good product or program to hustle hard initially, without hopping around, and focus on it. Once you become successful and money start rolling in, there will be many more months and years of passive income to achieve financial freedom and live a lifestyle you desire!

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