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Relationships building in network marketing


Ask yourself honestly, have you ever watched a movie or bought a dish based on your friend's recommendation without any hesitation?

If the same movie or dish were to be recommended by a stranger that you do not know and no matter how good they are, would you hesitate to watch or buy by giving a second thought and do more research? 

In 'Network' marketing, it's all about building a relationship with people and it's all that simple.

Someone may claim that relationship building is long, tiring and fragile.

If you think of it in the long term, this is definitely worth the effort to put in because the person you chat with will not abandon you easily and drop off as flies.

It matures into trust and commitment. They may even follow you to wherever you go for new opportunities because they trust your decision.

The industry is not about "hunting" but to "keep" and "farm" for people. It can help you to grow your business in term of retention rate in the long run because they will not forsake you easily.

To achieve this win-win situation, you need to first of all to help others in order to help you. Stop having the idea of selling your product right away. Help them to solve their problem genuinely instead. Provide values to people. The good thing is, people will love to reciprocate their gratitude in a matter of time, be it later.

Unlike direct sales, solely for statistic purpose, yes the initial income surge may give you a strong sense of achievement but it definitely will not last for long term. Usually, there is no 'emotion' attached and it's purely a sale of a product that earn you a higher commission that's all and you literally need to be active most of the time. The moment you stop, your income drops or stop.

In network marketing, this concept does not really apply. You are building up a business instead. You are aiming for the long haul. For such scenario and for whatever reasons, say you did not lay your foundation well with people, once they leave, you will lose one whole big chunk of income for sure because they may bring along people who 'trusted' them!

To summarize simply, in order to be successful in network marketing, it is none other than to build strong, deep and trusted relationships with people. I know it's easier to say than done but as long as we make an effort and constantly learning it, our goal to success will be there!

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