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Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome, Be Focus!


It's very glaring right! Does it catch your attention immediately?

Does it distracts your focus and attention?

Well, for people who are promoting one product once, after some times, they find the progress too slow for their expectation and begin to give up and jump-ship to promote the next attractive product, this is called 'Shiny Object Syndrome' (S.O.S) in short. It dilutes your attention given and effectiveness on promoting the product you are on. Many business marketers fall prey to it. Does it sounds familiar?

I was a victim of it many times frankly, but I learnt my lessons and I'm here to share.


Typical scenario :

When you're promoting your product, you'll often introduced or 'pitched' by fellow marketers. They will claim and 'paint' a flowery picture on how good is their product is and cheaper and easier to make money than yours, that catches your attention.

Especially to newbies, thinking of having multiple residual income is better than one. Excited because it's a 'new toy', also, thinking it's a better way and shorter time to get rich quick without putting in much effort. So naturally you're attracted and sign up the package and hoping for the best. It's like a moth flying towards the light or a magnet pulling you!

However, after you've signed up, things are not so rosy as what you've thought.

Firstly, you're not able to focus on one product and spend lessor time on each product that you took. Basically you need to multi-task and if you're not a person who can do well on that, it's an additional stress to your present situation.

Secondly, all things have to start from scratch and valuable time and effort have to put in.

Eventually, it takes time to grow and due to your impatience, you hop on to the next shiny object! 

You neglected the previous product(s) that you've signed up with. This constant hopping from product after product leads you nowhere seriously. Precious time, effort and money have gone wasted in the end. Should you focus on one previously, I would say you'll stand a much higher chance to succeed.

Yes I do agree to have multiple source of passive income, but not at the start.

So my advise is :

1. Stay put and FOCUS on your present product if it is a good one and have potential to grow.

2. Put in effort by taking positive action, consistent effort and be patient to let it grows.

3. Once it's stabilized (which takes time obviously) and can be auto-pilot to have a steady stream of passive income, you will then source out for second opportunity. How's that sounds?

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