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Small investment like time, effort and money makes BIG money!


Have you ever come across situation whereby after showing your potential lead on how much the package cost to join and they immediately withdraw their enthusiasm, for example, say $57 per month? And it is only $684 yearly! They turn cold immediately somehow?

Well, there are few reasons behind this.

1. They fail to see the bigger picture behind this, they somehow expect free subconsciously and became unsure. However, if this $57 per month or just $684 yearly small investment can really change their life to achieve financial freedom eventually, they would have think likewise. Why not sacrifice one time of eating at the expensive restaurant and a cinema show per month and invest this measly $57 amount to change their lifestyle if they really want and determined to succeed? Don't be penny wise pound foolish. After-all, every baby step added up together makes a major leap!

2. They expect to get rich quick with the small amount of investment without putting in effort and doing nothing, once they don't see immediate result, they quit and call it a scam. Once bitten twice shy for the bad experience encountered, naturally these people treat all, e.g., Network Marketing products with the similar attitude when they chat with their friends : "Trust me, I've done that! These products are all scams and no real & genuine, legitimate products out there". However, deep down in their heart they are still hoping for one.

3. They are procrastinating and never take their goal seriously, hoping that there is a magic pill or a legitimate and real product with zero effort that will come along and change their life totally and become a millionaire. But, if you are serious to change your lifestyle, you need to take action now as a start :

a. To minimize the risk of being scam, first you need to do some review before you join a company or program. Don't rush into it and join blindly. Some Google search, YouTube search, Alexa global ranking and Scam-X site searches with keywords such as "review" or "scam" etc. are helpful.

Especially those with ads that come with big houses, luxury cars, planes and yachts, etc., you may want to pay more attention and spend more time on review.

b. Once you've decided to join a company, focus on it. Give it some time to grow but make sure you put in consistent effort. Don't hop around from product to product, thinking that it will be much faster to make money. Again there is no free lunch in this world, whatever a good product that you've chosen, you still need to put in effort from scratch before you can see the big picture of success.

By hopping around, it makes you go nowhere except wasting of time, effort and money. Yes, you can multiple passive income streams but make sure the first one gets stable and yields the result that you want. before you jump to the next so you can focus more.

c. Treat it serious like your own business. If you can commit yourself at least eight long hours daily for your day job, why not spend a few hours initially and do some income producing activity on the product that you're promoting? Just because it's an online and work from home business doesn't mean you can be lax on things you do online or stay idle, right?

Every small investment that you've made earlier, when accumulated, will become a BIG returns eventually. Put it this way, if you invest in nothing or free, you'll get NOTHING in the end for sure and precious time is wasted. I really hope that I bring this message across.


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