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Don’t give up, push on, success is just round the corner!

After so much effort and precious time that you have put in and you don't see any or immediate result yet, you begin to doubt yourself whether are you heading toward the correct and right direction?

You feel so frustrated, tired. People around you start talking behind your back and deemed you as 'hopeless, worthless and useless". Friends and family members gradually turn their back against you, discouraging and isolate you from moving on.

Sometimes you just feel like giving up and feel alone!

A friend of mine shared with me the information about 90% of entrepreneur fail during their first year because they give up. They are very enthusiastic initially and jump right in without a second thought but once they don't see any immediate result, they start to slow down and eventually throw in the towel and quit.

Well, put it this way, every entrepreneur goes through the same route. So never, never, ever give up! "Winner never quit and Quitter never win!"

Even you plant a tree from seed, it takes time for it to grow and finally you can enjoy the sweetness from the fruits.

Another example is the "Chinese Bamboo". It shows no result for the first four years but on the fifth years, it takes 6 weeks to shoot right up high from the ground! Preserve and stay consistent! You will definitely see result! Watch the video at the right column.

Third example, if you're on a train heading toward a destination called "FINANCIAL FREEDOM" and you'd already know the journey will be long, arduous and monotonous before you took the ride.

However, you just took the plunge and never look back. But as it goes along, it really pissed you off with the monotonous scenery and you feel uneasy more frequently. Finally you choose to alight at the nearest station and discontinue with the journey. Isn't it a waste since you're a step closer and since you already traveled so long? Sounds familiar? So just persist on, don't give up! SUCCESS could be just round the corner! You definitely do not want to be a loser who look back your life and regret right? So  buck up and PUSH-ON!

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