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To be an effective leader!

Nobody is born to be a leader. However, as time and situation goes along, you have a bigger goal instead of confining yourself to the present role. You feel that you can do more and make a difference. Especially when you have the guts and courage to stand out, that makes a difference (click on the picture and watch the video above)

Take Network Marketing (MLM) as an example, when you just joined a company to promote a product, you started off as a newbie to learn.

But as time goes by, you naturally become a senior with increasing newly join people under you whom they will look to you for guidance.

That is for sure and your scope widens. You no longer stays as a newbie anymore.

Your responsibilities for keeping the team intact grows.

Whatever your action is, it determines the result of your team thereafter. If you're a type of person who walk the talk,  always hustle, helps people and take no B.S. stuff, your team will follow you closely.

However, if you are a person who always procrastinate and never take action but only talks, then you will see your income diminishes fast and your team members will soon leave you.

You need to build relationship with them and build a rapport with them in the long run. A lot of marketers forget about this crucial point. They only busy in building up their top most empire but neglected the down-lines and expect them to be on auto-pilot.

Just to share, I was once an 'orphan' when I joined a network marketing company earlier. I felt so cold. Being a newbie and had no experience at all, my sponsor just told me to approach my friends and family and move on to sell the product as many as possible. No detailed advice was given and no direction. Everything was on my own, right from the navigation from the back office!

Once bitten twice shy. Because of the bad experience encountered earlier. Someone in Facebook introduced me to another MLM company and it was understandable that I was quite skeptical about it initially.

I didn't join at first. Instead, I've done many reviews in Google and YouTube and most of them give good remarks.

To my surprise, it was a total change for me when I decided to join the community! People there were fun, warmth, selfless and helpful in helping each other to achieve toward their financial goal! The thought of being an 'orphan' is no more! You are constantly checked on your progress by you sponsor even his team is expanding!

You are trained not only on marketing skill but also constantly quench with positive thinking daily.

From what you can see, the first network marketing company that I joined, my sponsor only interested in getting sales whereas the latter focus more on building a relationship.

Your team members will naturally follow suit and duplicate, by building relationship in the long run!


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