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Few general ways to grow traffic

Most businesses, other than investment trading and etc, whether it belongs to an online or offline type, require traffic to grow. No traffic means no sales which means no earning.

So, there are few ways to grow your traffic and I will try to put in to the best of my knowledge on the pros and cons of each method you use.

1) YouTube video

- This is by far the most effective and fastest way to capture people attention to your business or product that you promote. "People follow people, not company nor product". You need to build "Trust and Relation" with the audience first. Once they "see" you as a real person in the video (not someone hiding behind the screen) they will then follow you if they like your content.  It's easier to promote your business or product that way.

- You have to show up consistently in order to to keep it 'warm'. Once you are missing for a period of time, people will start to forget about your existent as the saying goes "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" and the sad thing is, you have to start almost from scratch again.

But, having said that, once you have achieved your goal and become popular, you can 'relax' a bit if you choose to, but not too much though. You are able to reduce your frequency of appearance as you've already built a 'brand' for yourself and sales will flow in passively.

The same things goes for majority ways listed below unless you are contented with the small money such as dividend or commission generated from passive income by programs that requires no human interaction. If you want to earn big money, so to speak, you need to 'show face' constantly. So, now you know why most of the successful people always show up in front of camera?

- Usually you need to prepare prior to what you are going to say for the topic in your mind  unless you are so comfortable in front of the camera that you can react naturally and immediately.

- If you are a not a camera person, e.g. shy, brain 'frozen' in front of camera, private or totally uncomfortable (even after training to overcome the fear) then it may not be suitable. Anyway, there are still other alternatives available.

2) Blog

- Although it may not be as effective as YouTube and slow, but if you consistently provide useful content that resonates to the audiences need, you will still able to attract organic traffic and people will keep coming back for more.

- Provide you an alternative path to gain traffic if you are a camera shy person. But hard work still need to be done in order to gain organic traffic.

- Steep learning curve. You need to learn how to use either Blogger or WordPress editors. You need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Be patience and it takes time to build up traffic if you write good blogs with value added.

- You have to constantly keep your content of the blog 'fresh' so as to remain high ranking or appear at the first page of Google's search.

- It takes a long time to build your readers pool.

You can build up your website traffic by reading this :  8 ways to increase website traffic

3) Buy leads

- If you are getting the targeted and effective leads, then it may be the fastest way of getting traffic if you are willing to pay up front as a little 'investment'.

Here is an affordable, real human leads that you can consider. You can read my journey with My Lead Gen Secret and decide.

- Once you have leads, you can follow up with email marketing.

- However, too many of these are generic and most of them are useless without response. Usually these leads are ineffective and a waste of money, again if they are deem useful, why the seller is selling them? must as well keep it for seller's own use? For example, you are promoting a health product but most of the leads you bought are people interested in making money. Do you think there is a relevant match? If you want to read more about whether majority leads are useful? 

4) Lead Capture Page

- All you need to do is just to place a relevant product info, video and create usually two fields 'Name' and 'Email address' to entice your audience. Request them to enter their details to go to next step.

- The process of getting leads are very slow. You need to have patience to build up.

- The lead capture page is just like any website URL. You need to know where to promote it.

5) Buy Ad space for advertisements.

- Basically you do nothing after you buy an advertising space to display or promote your ads for X number of time in their advertising space.

- Offline such as billboards, newspaper, magazines, paper flyers etc.

- Online such as Social Media that sells advertising space, classified ads, craigslist etc.

- Mostly are not streamlined and location specific, it displays your ads to general audience and viewers.

- It is not forever, For example a billboard by the highway, you only purchase X number of days to display your advertisement up there before it is taken down for next advertisement.

- By promoting yours advertisement is basically buying impression for long term. People may or may not view it. For example, newspaper ads or magazine ads, you paid for advertisement but the papers maybe be used for wrapping things in some circumstances. So there is no guarantee that the ads will be viewed.

6) Online Advertising and Profit Sharing platform (New)

- You not only can buy views to promote/advertise your own business but also earn a passive income at  the same time daily through profit sharing by just clicking and watching on 10-20 other people advertisements. The company will then pay you in return for the effort and time spent by sharing the profit earned daily from the number of adpacks (which comprise of advertising views) sold. The rate of earning varies daily, depending on the number of adpacks sold.

- It is streamlined and Geo-targeted to a specific type of audience so you don't waste your views aimlessly.

- People are 'forced' to view on your advertisement in order to qualify for revenue share. Also there is more eyeball impression which therefore increase the chances of sales.

- It depends on the number of audience in the program because only members can view the ads, not general public. However, for example, if it has 6 million members worldwide, then this should not be an issue to get traffic but if the program only has a few thousand of members, then it will not be ideal.

- It depends on what type of products are you promoting that catches the audience's attention. If it is a popular one related to 'making money online opportunities', you may get better hit then someone promote green products or health related products etc.

- Some so-called "Leaders" promote the program wrongly as "an Investment" instead of "advertising platform" just because of their own selfishness to gain more people to join them. They misled the new comer to join by saying you "invest X amount and you get back X+Y amount in return after Z number of days with a daily earning rate of R", and when the rate fall short at times due to the number of purchases on that day, naive people start to cry foul and scam which invite unnecessary regulatory to investigate and stall the legit program. Such precedence such as "Traffic Monsoon", "My Paying Ads" and etc.

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