7 Ways to increase website traffic

As a new blogger, who decided to have a piece of pie to share with in the internet marketing world, it is pretty normal that you encountered with low or zero traffic when you first started.

In fact, to be honest, nobody even notice or give a damn of your existence at all! You just need to find many ways to seek attention from the sea of bloggers. Hopefully your blog stands out among others, grab the attention and sell your products eventually.

I have read in some forums that some bloggers even have wasted a few years but still struggling with the low traffic. On average, traffic do takes time to build and you need to be patient and persistence.

However, you need to take further and corrective action at some point in time if the traffic still remain low after a few months or so (nobody can give you a fixed time, you have to judge it for yourself). Something may be wrong somewhere and you need to fix it or enhance it. The strategies you adopted earlier could be wrong.

After much reading, I notice there are a few common and effective ways to drive traffic to your blog which some points may be interconnected to each other.

1. Connections
Top marketers naturally talk among their own circles. So as a new beginner, you need to "break the ice" and start to make known to them of yourself and mingle around with them. once they know your existence, things like getting traffic would be easier. You can start off by :

a. Provide useful comments on similar blogs or forum
If you find similar blogs or forums, share your useful thoughts and experience, write something valuable in the comment instead. Do not just agree blindly though, just for the sake of making yourself visible is not helpful because you do not create a deep impression for readers who visit the blog at all. In fact they may find you a nuisance and mark you as spam by the moderator in the forum.

b. Use social media
Social media such as Twitter or Facebook, you need influential people who have many followers to help you to re-tweet in order to gain more traffic. Agree?

2. Build a high quality content
You need to build or write useful and value content that help people. When readers land on your page, they expect something of relevant need. If you give crap content to the readers, just for the sake of creating a website, they will then leave and never capture their "Trust" eventually. If the content is useful, they may come back and visit the website again in future. Don't forget we build a long term trust here.

Some may say to build content every day but this is not necessarily true. If you're not in the form of writing then don't write. You may burnout or run out of idea in certain days and do not force yourself to produce content. Aim to start one post a week initially, a good and high quality content takes time to build. Do not rush through it. Remember, PRODUCE QUALITY AND NOT QUANTITY. Once you're comfortable with the routine, slowly increase the frequency to your comfortable pace. E.g. three times a week to once a day.

You need to also add in graphic or photos in your content, where necessarily, so that the content as an overall do not look dull. "Picture says a thousand words". People likes pictures and they easily capture reader's attention instead of words. Ask yourself, normally if you are to re-visit a site, the first thing that come across your mind is it the pictures or words?

Try to write properly and soundly. A passage full of grammatical or typo error will easily irk off reader. English is not my strongest language but I'll try to put in effort to write as proper as I can. You can also proofread it or ask someone who is strong with English to proofread the post once done.

3. Social networking
Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ have the impact of amplifying the traffic to your website. If you made known your website URL to your friends in the social networking site, they will likely visit your website than strangers. If your site catches their attention and deemed useful to them, then through recommendations, more traffic will come in and thus more chances of sale. Just imagine, if the product you are selling is good, after one customer who had tried it, they will recommend to their friends and families right?

4. Guest Blogging
By doing guest blogging, you need to choose a reputable blog site in order to gain much attention. E.g. CopyBlogger. However, the reputable blog site will definitely having a much more stringent criteria to accept guest blogging. This voice down to the fear of the accepted guest bloggers having low quality work that will tarnish the site's reputation. You can politely ask the moderator to visit your website of the well written blog for a start. Once you're accepted, you can start writing high quality blogs once a month. This will indirectly pull readers to your website and create traffic.

5. Active participation in forum
Find a website that you're interested in and actively participate in the threads discussion,e.g. Warrior Forum
This is a site with all the warm and helpful bloggers who share with you the tools and methods of making money online. By doing so, curious reader will tend to read your profile which includes the website URL. This will link to your web page and create traffic if they find your blog content is useful.

6. Build SEO (e.g. keywords, backlinks etc)
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's basically to make the website become more visible to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. so as to attract more visitors to your site and create more sales.

Although building a blog with good and high quality content is good, it would be useful and faster to gain more traffic by utilizing SEO correctly.

SEO covers content optimization (which includes keywords search), backlinks or inbound links and etc. are some of the SEO tactics. A good content plus good keywords used in the content will propel your blog and gain more traffic in the fastest time.

One keywords tool which is often used is Google keywords tool. How to use it? Well, you can search from the search engine and there are plenty of guides out there to illustrate on how to use it.
In fact there are some SEO good practices for optimal result. One site I've read and deemed useful is "Search & Content Optimization – 20 SEO Best Practices"

7. Include webpage in signature
In the reply of an email, it usually end with a person signing off with his/her signature only. However, if you do have a website URL, do add it in together with your signature and don't feel shy about it. You can see an increase in your website traffic.

Above are some of the effective ways that are useful in capturing traffic. You can find the rest either through warrior forum recommendations or search through the web.  I hope you have a good read and apply some of the methods which I mentioned above, if not all, to gain more traffic. All the best!

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