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Why most network marketers fail?


The internet world is expanding daily, and more people are choosing to work from home. Online Network Marketing is booming because it is the fastest way to achieve financial freedom goal. However, there are many network marketers still fail out there. Why? there are few points below:

1. Impatience - Expect to get rich quick

Everyone who join a network marketing company has one common goal - to make money!

The faster it is, the better! The Best is to shed zero or minimal input effort and expect a huge returns! Unfortunately this is not the true. Zero effort = Zero output! So don't expect to get rich quick and no free lunch in this world! Also, it takes time and its not a magic bullet that you will get rich in days! 

As such, when people don't see immediate result, they quit and hop to another prospect and call the company a scam!

2. Shiny Object Syndrome : hopping around, lose focus

This is a common flaw of human nature and many of us fall into this trap constantly, including me! Who do not want a short cut to get rich quick with minimal effort seriously? :)

I was once a victim of this shiny object syndrome. But I learned through the hard way. I used to hop around from one opportunity to another, hoping the new company that I hopped will provide me a new opportunity but I notice later that it requires you to put in effort from beginning again. Again once I see no result for a short period of time, I hop again. It is very time consuming and tiring. Come to think of it, instead of hopping around with no result, why not stick to the same product with the same amount of effort and time put in, focus on it and be patient to let it grow? Nurture it, the reward will come as long you take action, it just a matter of time. you don't expect the seed to grow in a short period of time and bear fruits right? Only appear in fairy tales though :)

3. Given up easily

This is a real fact. Every successful people struggles and fails their way through many times before they taste success. Thomas Edison failed 4,999 times and succeed on the 5.000 times to invent the light bulb! However, there are many network marketers out there simply give up easily. Just because they wake up feeling depressed, feeling no progress after few tries, feeling sucks all round in terms of career, relationship, finances and etc, they give up easily. In the back of their mind they must be wondering : "Why am I not successful yet?" Well, who says success come easy without struggle?

4. Lack of marketing skill

A lot of products out there just attract people to join. However, there are no detailed steps or direction to guide people they attracted. So most Network Marketers are left on their own to find their own way or creativity to promote their product. Most of them just trial and error like 'pitching' people to buy their product. Soon, you will feel that you're left alone like an orphan without people concern and come to your rescue. If not because of ILN (Internet Lifestyle Network), I would suffer the same fate and still out there searching and trying. In ILN there are effective and systematic ways to teach you to promote your whatever product you are promoting, as long as you've mastered the skill set. The best of all, the community which we called family, is truly helping each other. So if you really want to shorten the learning curve, think twice!

5. High expectation

In network marketing, many people join a product and have a very unrealistic goal of getting rich overnight! They expect to earn lots of money in the shortest possible and effortless time. However this is absolutely not true. You'll still need to put in effort initially and the reward is promising the later! How much effort that you have put in is how much returns you'll see later. Only legitimate company will say that. Companies who want to trick you to sign up will paint a flowery picture to let you fall into the trap. As such there are many scams out there because they catch hold of human's weakness : GREED! Guys wake up! there is no free lunch in this world.

6. Lack of Patience, Persistence and Consistency

Many new network marketers fail mainly due to the above three points. For example, after they've struggled for 3-4 months and see no immediate result, they tend to give up easily or hop to the next potential "shiny object", hoping that it will enable to give a promising result. Unfortunately, they get easily distracted and lack of consistency. Success could be just round the corner for the effort they put in initially.

Enough said, the above points are not new and yet we still see people fall into the trap...I wonder...

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