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Why some beginner bloggers are successful and some don't...

There are many bloggers nowadays around the world applying the same strategies that they've learnt from internet on how to monetize and working from home. However, the methods applied will likely to work many years ago when the internet usage is not so popular yet and lessor people are into it.

But the scenario has changed now, instead, internet world is flooded with blogger with the same mindset, it's difficult to penetrate the internet market if your blog is mediocre, especially for starters or beginners with no experience.

And yet, there're still some beginner bloggers who are still successful in the end. Here's why...

1) Self-Disciplined

Self-Disciplined come right from your heart. Even there is nobody monitoring you, you will still carry out your daily rituals on your own.You keep telling yourself one day you will become successful. You surely will, provided your will power is strong enough to shun away all kinds of temptation and distractions that hinder along your way to be successful.

For example, if you tell yourself to spend three hours a day on work, make sure you abide to it. You are working from home; there are many temptations right from what you wear every day. E.g. casual clothes, comfortable environment, beds, fridge, kitchen, accessibility, kids running around and house chores, etc. These are some of the temptations that will distract you from keeping your schedule. You will have to choose a suitable time with less distraction so you can spend some quality time on your work. Try it out and stick to it for a period of time, say one to two months and judge it for yourself, once you're used to it, it becomes habitual and easy.

2) Do or Die attitude

The meaning of 'Do or Die' is self-explanatory. It's either you commit and execute it or you faced with the consequence of failure. There will not be a second chance given. There are no 'IFs' and "BUTs'. The thirst of success is not extreme if you choose to delay. If you want to success, this 'LOAD' has to be at your back any time. There is no 'Plan B' if you fail. The only way is to keep trying until you achieve your goal, so to speak. You may say it's unfair and you may not agree. But well, for example, if you were to marry a woman, do you have a 'plan B'?, "What if the marriage not successful? Do you marry another woman?"

3) Focus, focus, and focus

When you are at the comfort of your own home, you tend to laze around more often. Right from the moment you are awake in the morning, comfortable bed, home clothing, familiar surroundings and etc, will tempt you that you forget about work.

However, you need to get FOCUS and constantly reminding yourself that you need to work, just that you work less on the mundane activities in the office and spend less time on it. You are your own boss now, nobody dictates you what to do. Whatever input will produce equivalent results. What you reap is what you sow. You need to work hard and smart to achieve that.

4) Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is to put off impeding task to a later time. Many bloggers initially have a great passion in making money from the internet. They have a great passion to motivate themselves to work hard.

However, when their new blog is published and there is hardly any traffic and earn zero income, they start to dishearten and lose their passion in improving the blog further.

In fact there is no motivation at all. They begin to postpone their refining work day after day and soon forget about it. Sounds familiar, isn't it?

The fact is, there will not be any ideal situation in your favor if you continue to wait, so do it now, stop wasting precious time and procrastinate. Do it bit by bit even you do not like it, it's better than you never do it at all!

5) Do not give up

Self-explanatory. "SUCCESS" could be round the corner if you persist, so far and yet so close, and DON"T GIVE UP! 

6) Laziness

When you don't see the immediate result after some effort was put in, you become disheartened and lazy. You try to find excuses to justify the laziness in you to improve your blog. There is a saying, "Successful people always find ways to improve their work whereas losers always finds excuses to justify their failure."

Also, it shows that you have a weak character and you're not "THIRSTY" enough for success! So don't let laziness become your hurdle in life.

7) Wrong perception
In the internet, when you search through the phrase 'Work from Home', you'll see many scams that shows you "XXX only spends two hours a day and earn a high end four figures every month by a click of a button". Sounds familiar isn't it? This gives us a false or wrong perception of working from home. Scams advertisement just want to prey on someone who is a starter working from home a beautiful picture and earn quick buck from it.

In fact, the truth is, there is no free lunch in this world. There is no easy way or "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme. You still need to put in a decent amount of effort and time if you want to earn a living from home. Cash don't appear immediately at your door step just by a push of a button. If there is a magic bullet, then every internet blogger will be rich and there is no need a day job by working from home!

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