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5 stages of Working from Home Challenges before Success

Recently I have read through some articles and I think it’s worth sharing.
Although I’m not there yet, but below are some of the current challenges or obstacles that I’m facing …

1. Support
When I first venture into this route, initially I have read somewhere that it's going to be lonely, I don't understand but now I got it. 
YES! It's LONELY and also, you are going to attract of haters and naysayers throughout the journey to success.
None of my friends and family members give me the support. In fact, they think that I’m a nut case. Why a sane person would give up his salaried work and go into an uncharted ground? I keep reminding myself I shed my salaried job is because I want to spend more valuable time with my family and do meaningful stuff instead of drifting my live away meaninglessly, e.g., licking my bosses’ ass and etc. I’m only young and live once, so must as well making full use of it right? 

Also, I would rather work for myself then for others. My friends think that my attempt will not work because their mindset is tuned to traditional salaried work types and expect me to fail and give up some months down the road. To them it is simply not their cup of tea. As long as you not in the office and work a nine to five job and get a monthly salary, you are not earning a living and deemed as a useless, hopeless, worthless, irresponsible and a lazy person.

“Work from Home jobs” gives them the impression that at most I can earn a few hundred bucks or part-time level to pay for my bill that’s all and nothing much.

2. Isolation, Loneliness & self-doubt
When you choose this path, you are on your own but at least there is no boss breathing down your neck to complete the task in a ridiculous timeline given. 

For most of the “Work from Home” jobs, there is no timeline restriction. Basically you control your own time and nobody is monitoring you over your shoulder and tell you what to do next. You can either choose the easy way out or choose the hard way. 
However, "If you choose your life to be easy now, you life will be hard later; if you choose to be hard now, your life will be easy later". It's entirely your choice. 

So it all depends on your self-discipline and your thirst to reach your goal and produce quality result. You have to be self-reliant when you encounter troubles. Especially after some time when there are still no result to be seen, you tend to self-doubt : "Am I on the correct path or am I really do the wrong way?"

But rest assured, you are not alone. You are not the first one to face such similar problem. You have to believe in yourself as long as you do not do anything harmful. 

Many predecessors before you who have chosen this path and become successful and have met with these problems before. 

You do not need to start and build the wheel from scratch again. All you need to do is to search through the internet browser for answers or seek experts for help.

Watch this video to motivate you when you are down.

3. Limited Knowledge & Experience
When you just started, your online knowledge is limited especially when you met with certain problem, you are stuck! There is hardly anyone there to help you except yourself. 

Take me for example; when I first set up a blog, I met with some linkage problem. I felt frustrated when I cannot find any solution through the internet, or the solution given is somewhat similar but not quite close. I have no choice but choose to be patience and wait, seeking for more information, trial and error every day. I have the mentality that I’m new, so what’s there got to lose, at most I start my blog afresh again (having said that, That’s the last resort, backup your articles and setting first…..if you don’t know how to do it, at least a screen dump and paste it to whatever your word processor before deletion :)

Creating a blog aside, there are many uncharted areas in the online industry so you have to read up more and be patient. You don't get overnight success in a short term. Any area that you are unsure about, always type your questions in Google search and browse through and read up. Look for forum one instead of individual review as usually they have hidden agenda by be-littering others and promote theirs.

Also do watch out for scams. The first prominent red flag is usually that they entice and attract newbie with big houses, luxury cars, helicopter, yacht etc and a push of button to get rich quick overnight.

Let's put it this way, if it's that easy, then there will not be any beggars on the streets or workers. Everyone would have stay at home and earn money by pushing a button right? So don't fall for it!

4. Constant Fear & Frustration
Just take creating a blog for example, after some time of hustling and grinding, when you are ready and posted your first blog, you are very eager to see results. You would like to see your traffic and most important of all : your first dollar that earned during the day.

However, to your disappointment, the traffic is miserable and worst, no earnings!

You have no income for months and your saving depleted, wondering can it sustains to the day of success? Your fear starts to creep in because you still have bills to pay.

Meanwhile, perhaps you can find a temporary job to tide over this difficult period or if you unable to look for a day job, try or legitimate online job portal.


When your earning still not coming in and your cash is running out, that's where you start to fear and lose focus. You will let emotion to take over your logic . You become vulnerable, unless you have a strong will, and that's where you tend to fall prey to all these scam companies for the "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme. Just that I've mentioned in point 4, do look for a temporary job or online job portal to tide over this difficult period. When there is a WILL, there is always a WAY!

All I can say is: - stay focused, persistence, patience, consistent, persevere, determination, take right action, don't discouraged and don’t give up! GOOD LUCK!
Just a note, you may want to continue reading my next post Tips to avoid Work from Home Scams

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