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You need a credit card for online product sign up

There is NO FREE LUNCH in this world. You either pay it through monetary, effort or time. NOTHING is FREE.

When you see an advertisement by network marketing, chances are you need to make a little monthly investment first before you can start to make money online.

Online Network Marketing products are either purchased with credit cards or PayPal accounts.

Either way, you still need to pay as an investment and it does not come free. Basically, you still need a credit card for online product sign up. Usually the new start-up companies will entice you with "FREE" registration but with limited access. If you need to earn commissions, you'll still need to pay and upgrade.

If you are looking for free stuff, then probably you can be an affiliate marketer instead of network marketer. The only drawback is, as an affiliate marketer, you only earn a low percentage of commission from the product that you managed to sell online which unlike to network marketing where you can earn a much higher commission rate comparatively through people you recruited.

As a network marketer, we often come across people who are very eager to join the program, and after spending many hours of following up and explanation of what's the program all about, we find that the potential lead that we spoken to has no money and credit card to join. It's a completely wasting of each other time and effort and its emotional draining!

So it's good to mention it nicely in the first place that one still need to pay in order to earn commission. This will definitely save each other time as we, as a network marketer, value our time too!

For example, ask casually, "This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme though. If you are serious about this program and willing to hustle initially, do you know that you still need to pay $XX monthly through credit card?"

If the answer is "Yes" then it will be straight forward to proceed to close the deal.

However, if the answer is "No", e.g  "I don't have money (which is pretty common)" or "I don't have a credit card but I'm interested. Can you pay for me first? and I will pay you back when I have earning."

Don't fall for this trap! You are not doing charity!

This is the time to test the person who is joining you whether they are serious or not. If they are really determined to make a change of their present lifestyle, they will go all the way out to do it and find way to get it. If that person never pay a dime, he/she will never feel the 'pain' and most likely that person wont be serious about it.

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